Skinny Fuckers

27 March, 2015 (21:46) | Gay Twink Movies | By: admin

The only meat these boys have on them is the thick rod in their pants.

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Covered In Hot Wax

27 March, 2015 (18:57) | Gay Bondage Movies | By: admin

Aiden Jason is back once more and this time it’s Adam Watson’s turn to use the gorgeous lad and his hot body. Adam covers Aiden’s defined tummy and big dick with lashings of hot wax making him squirm and wriggle under the warm white coating. Adam then puts Aiden’s mouth to work slamming his face until he shoots his jizz down the back of his throat.


Thug Ten 3

27 March, 2015 (18:57) | Big Dick Movies | By: admin

Everythings Bigger In Texas!

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Luke Hass Wank Off

27 March, 2015 (02:12) | Big Dick Movies | By: admin

Ever wondered what a horned up soldier like hung Luke Hass does in his spare time when his comrades are out of the picture? He relieves himself that’s what! He touches his defined body and let’s loose with a wild beat off session that ends in a much needed release of pent up sexual frustration.


Straight Stud Given A First Class Gloryhole Blow job From A Guy

27 March, 2015 (01:21) | Gay Gloryhole Movies | By: admin

Ungloryhole is the shit! Who dares go inside at their own risk. We met up with Mike, who’s up for the test of the mysterious gloryhole. He enters the room and quickly finds what he was in search of. That is a gloryhole in the wall with an excellent blonde behind it. Without hesitation, Mike sticks his man meat through the wall. He sure as heck got what he expected. An excellent blowjob, but she wasn’t the one doing the cock sucking. Don’t miss out! Come and watch Mike’s meat melt in Ryan’s mouth. Literally!


Kid Grinds Hard

26 March, 2015 (23:56) | Gay Twink Movies | By: admin

My, my there’s certainly some mighty fine cock sucking in this video – and these lads are kinky fuckers too! Just wait till you see the cumshots play the dark-featured hotties get up to. That’s a whole lot of sticky fun.


Fuzzy Stud Loves Getting A Rub-Down

25 March, 2015 (21:12) | Gay Massage Movies | By: admin

Wassup studs, Trace Micheals here bringing another one of my expert level treatment rub. Today we got a hunk with a nice fuzzy chest who drove me absolutely CRAZY!!! I mean this jock was deep throating me with passion he even ate my bunghole :) We pounded each others butthole til the point of a sweet semen.. Enjoy!!!!!


School Brotherhood Dudes Gets Plowed In The Butt As Punishment

25 March, 2015 (20:08) | Frat Boy Movies | By: admin

Nobody likes drinking spoiled milk, so when these newbies brought the head of this Florida Frat some spoiled milk during dinner all hell broke lose. He didn’t take kindly to the incompetence of his future brothers. So he and the rest of the leaders decided to have some pleasure at the expense of these unlucky saps. If you ever wondered what a human serpent seemed like you’re about to find out. Balls touching faces in sheer embarrassment, but that’s not all there is some sucking and starfish fucking to do for not a single person brings these frat boys bad milk!


Hard Hat Pigs 3

25 March, 2015 (20:07) | Gay Pissing Movies | By: admin

A bunch o construction workers are takin a break and bullshittin about the new guy on the team, Blue Bailey, and how hes gonna get initiated. Dolf Dietrich catches Blue in the bathroom jackin off, so the men grab Blue and screw him down to the work table where hes fuckin drenched in piss, inside and out, by Dolf, Ray, Shay, Mason, Lex and Seth. Blue gets his hungry hole fuckin stretched by Dolf, Ray, Shay and Lex, then takes Dolfs load. The action is fast paced and majorly intense throughout. Working hard all day remodeling a house can make a pig thirsty. And Mason Garet is that thirsty pig. After drenching himself with piss streams from his cock, he gets showered by Ray Dalton with a hard hat full of man piss. Masons thirst isnt the only thing that needs to be taken care of. His hole is hungry for fist. Dolf Dietrich is craving some hot cock up his ass and Blue Bailey is more than happy to give it to him. Blue fucks Dolf doggie style while the rest of the cast urges him on. Mason Garet slides up underneath Dolf to suck on that big, hard, swinging dick. Dolf fucks Masons throat while Blue continues to plow Dolfs ass. Mason shoots his load right in front of Dolfs face which he greedily licks up. Mason then washes his cum off Dolfs lips with a hot stream of piss. Hairy, big dicked stud Seth Fisher is on the Hard Hat Pigs construction site work table with a group of ass-hungry pigs standing around sniffin the air for hole. Our pigs feed Seth 3 loads: the one that Mason Garet licks off Seths belly, the load that Blue felches out of Seths ass and the ropes of cum hanging off the end of Shays cock. Mmmmm mmmmm, good to the last fucking drop! The guys all jump in the shower to take turns pissing on Blue Bailey.

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Live Sex

25 March, 2015 (20:07) | Gay Bareback Movies | By: admin

Four hot scenes from Europe… Featuring a mix of mature and Twinks shot in public.

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