Schoolboy Fuckers 2

1 August, 2015 (00:11) | Gay Twink Movies | By: admin

These naughty schoolboys can’t resist their developing urges, so instead they fully indulge in their horny boy fucking fantasies!

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The Massage Parlor: Soap Opera Heartthrob Craves Hot Twink

31 July, 2015 (23:31) | Gay Massage Movies | By: admin

Welcome to a very special massage parlor, where skillful masseurs give frustrated men the gay sex they secretly lust for. From a well-hung husband who’s lost interest in his wife, to a homophobic college football stud with anger-management issues, these hot bodied male clients have one thing in common: a repressed need for another man’s touch.

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Jake Screwed Wild

31 July, 2015 (21:22) | Gay Bondage Movies | By: admin

Innocent little Jake Cody is left ready and waiting for his ordeal. Adam Watson arrives and wastes no time putting Jake’s cute little cherry hole to use. He begins by vigorously finger pummeling Jake’s man pussy, bashing away at his insides until he is loose enough to take Adam’s huge cock. Jake is fucked and fast before Adam frantically wanks him off to orgasm.


Tyler Bottoms For Cole

31 July, 2015 (21:22) | Big Dick Movies | By: admin

Cole Money & Tyler Hanson have sex the night before their shoot. I could hear some sex type noises as I was cleaning up the kitchen from a weekend of filming. I rushed into the bedroom only to find Cole & Tyler practicing for their scene tomorrow. I asked what was going on and could I film. Tyler basically wanted to prep with Cole’s donkey-sized dick so tomorrow’s shoot would go smooth. See the pre-intercourse.

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Tommy Defendi and Angelo Marconi Enjoying Sweaty Oral

31 July, 2015 (13:51) | Big Dick Movies | By: admin

Tommy sets Angelo to work on his huge schlong, getting it prepped for the pummeling it’s about to inflict. Tommy then flips Angelo on to his stomach and rims his cherry hole to help it too prepare. Then in goes that monster for a hard fuck that’s going to wish you could feel every inch of that beauty slamming into you too.


The Finest Cock Sucking Ever In A Gloryhole

31 July, 2015 (13:31) | Gay Gloryhole Movies | By: admin

Holy shit dudes, have we got an update for you this week! Your homie Joey was able to scrounge up this enthusiastic beaver in need of a cock sucking but man, what a blow job! This dudes cum shot was unbelievable!


Sore Butt Grinded Hard

31 July, 2015 (12:47) | Gay Twink Movies | By: admin

After becoming acquainted with new boy Travis West and his solid, huge prick earlier this month, it’s time to see him drill some twink butthole with it on video. He’s back with Seth Knight – the definition of a twink bottom boy – who takes that gargantuan dick perfectly on camera. A duo not to be missed.


Fraternity Newbies Drive Around City In Their Fleshlights

30 July, 2015 (01:00) | Frat Boy Movies | By: admin

This one was totally interesting. The frat boys of Beta Pi gave each one of these pledges there own personal fleshlight and gave them the task of going around the town and taking pix of themselves in strange locations. They weren’t too delighted with the results when the newbies got back, so they decided to degrade the shit out of them. They made them jack one another off with their fleshlight, blow each other then one of the hunks gets fucked in the ass!! LOL. This dude also got a nut busted on his head.. JIZZ HEAD!!!!!!


Chill-Out Parties

30 July, 2015 (01:00) | Gay Bareback Movies | By: admin

When these horny men get together it’s not to watch sports or talk about their wives; they get drunk, high and fuck each other raw, deep and hard! Holes are opened and fucked, cocks are worshiped and sucked and every bottom takes a hot fresh load!

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Fuck Berlin: Hardcore Director’s Cut

30 July, 2015 (01:00) | Gay Bondage Movies | By: admin

Wurstfilms back with the highly anticipated Fuck Berlin and they do not disappoint. In an underground dungeon, Frederick Berlin works on sexy bottom Brandon Hawk’s fuck-hole. Brandon rides Frederick’s big, black dick, draining the cum out of it. Sexy stud Lucky Joe gets into some ass-play with Sahaj, prepping his ass for a massive dildo before spreading his hole with a vice, pissing inside of him and cumming all over his pretty face. Crazy-fucker Marc Von Nassau wastes no time getting fist-deep inside of insanely dirty Max Schmals ass. After some extreme fisting and heavy dildo play Marc makes sure this pig walks out with a huge gaping hole. Sky Devil and Victor take a break at the bike shop to suck and fuck. Victor pisses, fists and double-fists his way deep into Sky Devils body before dropping a load on his tired hole. A regular photo shoot turns into a sex feast when a young photographer lusts over muscle daddy model Jim Ferro. Soon enough Bitch Britney is in a sling and Jim Ferro’s big dick pierces his ass, fucking and pissing inside of him. Happily Bitch has wide spread open legs and waits for the first hammer blow of Jims fist. He wants to be taken, spit on and extremely fucked. Master daddy doesn’t wait a second to enjoy this invitation. Get ready to Fuck Berlin.

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