College Guys POV

22 July, 2016 (17:49) | Frat Boy Movies | By: admin

While there’s always some blazing hot sex being captured on camera at CF, a whole new dimension of fun gets added when we hand out young college studs a camera so they can film themselves going at it with one another. That POV, first-person view gets each of us as close to the action as possible, and you start to feel like you’re in the midst of all that intense sex with the guys! The guys we’re seeing up-close here are some of CF’s biggest stars – Aiden. Tom, Connor, Tanner, Kellan, Clinton, Kent & Colt – and the action we see shows us they not only shine in front of the cameras, but shine as the directors and cameramen for their own sexual adventures in this action-packed collection of POV episodes!

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Jerry And Runner

21 July, 2016 (20:07) | Gay Bareback Movies | By: admin

Check out this hot couple as they get down and dirty just the way you want it. Watch Runner as his big white dick slides in and out of Jerry’s tight Latin ass. Their hobbies include hanging out and reading.

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Dirty Dungeon Deeds

21 July, 2016 (20:07) | Gay Bondage Movies | By: admin

Sometimes you need to escape the light of day to creep through dark spaces, like the dungeon at a local sex club or a seedy motel. There, with little light and no one to make you feel guilty for the dirty things about to happen, you give in to temptation and the primal urge to feed, seed, or collect loads. Join Eric Wolfe, Victor Cody and Mike Schiltz in a filthy daddy/son 3-way, Doug E. Behr and Pup Lakota in puppy play, Pocket Cub, Tiger and ZJ Woods for another nasty daddy/son menage, and finally, Jay Ricci, Luis Casola, Billy Davis and Lanz Adams in a fetish lovers delight of exhibitionism, voyeurism, and bondage. All raw, all nasty, all dirty. Its Dirty Dungeon Deeds!

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Cody Kyler, Marlone Santos And Tiago Rio

21 July, 2016 (12:27) | Gay Twink Movies | By: admin

Cody draggin himself in some hot and horny Papis. He sure loves to get down and dirty on that uncut pinga. Before you know it Cody got two cocks in his face and soon after Marlone Santos gets him ready to get fucked. When Cody got enough it’s Tiago’s turn to get slammed hard by Marlone who’s ready to nut all over Tiago. After Marlone busts, Cody is ready for some more dick and let’s Tiago utterly destroy him!

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Ambush Massage 46

21 July, 2016 (12:27) | Gay Massage Movies | By: admin

William Higgins is back with the 46th installment to the Ambush Massage series.

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My Big Fucking Dick: Trenton Ducati

21 July, 2016 (12:27) | Big Dick Movies | By: admin

Trenton Ducati’s massive meat is the star in these six jaw-dropping, hot scenes!

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Big Dicks At School 6

17 July, 2016 (21:03) | Frat Boy Movies | By: admin

The hottest teachers, the horniest students, and the biggest cocks! Hilarious prankster Tyler Sweet punks his chem teacher by adding a special dye to some home-made brownies that cause him to piss blue. When Tyler suggests he may also have blue cum, Rocco decides to drill him in the classroom to find out. With a new coach in town, Tyler Sweet is afraid he may lose his position on the team. Fortunately his reputation is well known and coach Zeb Atlas has no problem letting him use his sweet ass to secure his place. Hot nerd Mike De Marko is just a makeover away from cock city. Luckily roommate Landon Conrad is there to help him with his style before helping himself to Mikes bubble butt. With a teacher like Zeb Atlas, Mike De Marko is happy to stay after class to get some clarification about the subject of infidelity. First Zeb clarifies Mikes mouth, then he clarifies his hole. Only one student shows up to watch the sexual education video, so the hunky teacher Adam Killian sits back and starts reading a book. Bryce gets horny while watching the video, so they decide to make it a demonstration instead.

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Bearded Bro Breeding

15 July, 2016 (12:36) | Gay Pissing Movies | By: admin

I fucking love this dude. I’m pretty sure that we’re brothers and our parents just aren’t telling us we have a long lost sibling. Physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, etc. we are so friggin similar, its bizarre, and kind of hot in a taboo way. We’ve chatted back and forth for at least a year and never met up, but recently he moved to Boston so we started messaging each other again. I had been trying to get him to meet up and let me film us fucking for weeks but he was sweating having a vid of him on the internet. It wasn’t until he was out on a date with one of my best friends, which I had no clue about, that he finally decided that he was down to film. Apparently my buddy was randomly showing his date my site (because my friends are the best pimps like that) and this guy was like, "Holy shit, he’s been asking me to film a vid with him," my buddies response, " He’s my best friend, you NEED to do it!" So a couple days later me and this ginger stud finally met up at bar and I pumped him full of liquid courage…aka Fireball. We started to get a little frisky after a few shots; made out in any and every corner, groped our cocks under our jeans at the bar, and he drank my piss in the bathroom stall, you know, the usual stuff when you first meet someone. Things started to escalate so we decided to bounce. Got into my jeep, took off our shirts, pulled down our pants and took off towards my place. I might have taken the long way home because the road head was just that good. After we got back to my apartment and took a golden shower I realized that my roommate and his boyfriend were home, so me being the good roommate that I am, banged out this scruffy ginger in the kitchen across from his room. Sadly they never came out of the bedroom, but I know they were listening the entire time which made fucking this guy even hotter.

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Carl Does A Twink

15 July, 2016 (12:36) | Gay Bareback Movies | By: admin

Carl walks into his backyard and finds the Landscapers assistant working on his yard. He asks the cute guy if he had ever considered having a guy suck him off. When Paul says hes always wanted to try it, Carl goes down in him right there. Then, he invites Paul inside to experience the full range of gay sex. He sucks his cock, has Paul suck on his cock, licks Pauls asshole and then fucks him hard. He cums in Pauls asshole and the cum drips out. Then Paul Jacks off and fills Carls mouth up with a huge load of Twink cum.

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Bound Twinks

15 July, 2016 (12:36) | Gay Bondage Movies | By: admin

Two great BDSM scenes, the first showing how Master Matt Brooks deals with new slavesboy Kris Denver and the second scene sees Master Jasper Emerald putting a new slave through his paces.

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