School Dude Gets Hazed With Frat Man meat

5 October, 2015 (14:01) | Frat Boy Movies | By: admin

This shit was totally funny. These hunks were fucking with one of their buddies who had passed out with his sneakers on, putting shaving cream all over him, tea bagging him and striking their big dicks on his face giving him a mushroom stamp. Well of course this guy flips out and chases them down the hallway.. he seemed really mad about it all, and his buddies were telling him to chill out.. I mean it’s really not a big deal unless you’re actually gay right? So they made him show he wasn’t gay. Well shit.. that didn’t really work out and this hunk got ?hard? as a rock..


Tough Guys

5 October, 2015 (14:01) | Gay Pissing Movies | By: admin

Tough guys always get what they want, so surrender yourself and enjoy it! These men sure do.

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Fucking Cuties

5 October, 2015 (14:01) | Gay Bareback Movies | By: admin

Watch these sexy, young, hung and horny cuties take their love for sucking, rimming and fucking raw to a new level. These hot boys cant get enough of each others lithe and smooth bodies. Watch as they caress, kiss and take their time as they cover every inch of skin with their fingers and tongues, edging the senses to the point where these boys need to feed deeply on hard cock! And feed they do taking it down their throats and up their cute asses before wallowing in copious amounts of boy-cum!

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Bound In Public: Cock Hungry Whore Gang Fucked At Mr. S Leather

5 October, 2015 (14:01) | Gay Bondage Movies | By: admin

Everyone’s shopping at Mr. S Leather here in San Francisco as Randall O’Reilly crawls through the store searching for crotches to sniff. As Randall strips down to his underwear, the onlookers start whipping out their cocks for the young stud. The guys keep his mouth and hands busy as Randall’s made to service their cocks. In the center of the room, face down, ass up, Randall begs for someone to fuck his hole. The guys stuff their cocks into both of Randall’s holes before dragging his ass to the changing room. Bound to the bench, Randall helplessly takes cock after cock while the crowd spits on him. Randall is then dragged to the back of the store where the guys fuck him against the window for everyone on the street to see. Back in front of the store, everyone gathers around as Randall begs for cum like a greedy whore. The crowd finishes him off by blasting their loads all over his face before dragging him upstairs to the play space.

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Hot Latino Studs Pedro Andreas and Nico Aragon

4 October, 2015 (16:38) | Big Dick Movies | By: admin

Hot Latinos Pedro & Nico in rough cock sucking and pummeling action and cover each other in their own salsa picante!


Foolish Straight Cocks Sucked By A Hunk In A Gloryhole

4 October, 2015 (16:38) | Gay Gloryhole Movies | By: admin

This dude was so nervous, he was making me anxious and at some point, I thought he might be setting us up???? NOOOTTT!!! This little innocent lad was very worried though, he kept insisting on making sure his girlfriend back home wouldn’t know about this. We told him she never will :) Today was fascinating though, I guess some of these dudes we’ve been having here are in fact coming back without contacting us first!!!!!! He walked in the first room & there was another person in there, but we had two rooms set up this time because were expecting 2 victims today…… GOT EM!!!!!!!


Jordan Foster Wank Off

4 October, 2015 (16:38) | Gay Twink Movies | By: admin

He’s baaaack! That’s right, my cheeky little huge dick buddy Jordan Foster is here to share more of that smooth, twink-perfect body for the camera. Not only is that big cock incredibly irresistable, but he plays with that perfect ass in this solo in a way that’ll have you begging to get in there.


Bareback Monster Cocks: Twinks Destroyed 4

1 October, 2015 (08:19) | Gay Twink Movies | By: admin

The nasty-minded series races to a fourth installment, aided by the introduction of new boy Kris Blent and we doubt theres gonna be any complaints! Once again, a collection of cock-crazed youngsters prove that they will quite literally do anything to get their aching holes filled a wish that the likes of Gareth Grant and the ironically named Pinky (hes as black and as horse-hung as they come!) are only too willing and eager to help make a reality! With a fabulous DP, arses stretched to the max and spunk abounding in every fucking direction, this filthy little series will have you wanking and spurting in no time once again!

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Shaved Bare and Banged

1 October, 2015 (08:19) | Gay Bondage Movies | By: admin

Angelic looking Jake Cody is in for more then he could imagine when he is found in The Mill by the amazingly sexy Luke Desmond. Luke begins to assert his dominance on Jake by shaving away his pubic hair making his boyish looks even more prominent. Once Jakes manhood has been stripped Luke begins the real fun and its not long before Jake is taking Luke’s huge prick angry and fast up his cherry hole.


Ambush Massage 38

1 October, 2015 (08:19) | Gay Massage Movies | By: admin

What a beautiful guy Peter Magy is. With his good looks and his hot body he is a prime candidate for a massage. Laying on the bed, in just his underwear, he is joined by the equally handsome Mattias Solich who takes some oil and starts to massage. His hands work all over Peter’s back, up to his shoulders and down to the waist band of the underwear. Now he has that sexy ass fully exposed and his hands work all over it, pulling the cheeks apart. Mattias reaches between Peter’s legs, pulling his cock back as he continues to massage the hairy butt cheeks. Don’t miss this sexy massage and more!

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